Our Story


Secret Tiny World is a family passion project, built with a single goal in mind: to bring our little group even closer and share our passion with the world.


Our project was born back in 2015 when 3  of us sisters found out that we’re going to become mothers almost at the same time. It is hard to describe the level of happiness we felt at that particular moment. While we were preparing our nursery and doing everything we needed to do in order to make sure our newborns receive the warmest of welcomes to this world, we eventually came to the topic of toys.


Our children’s health and development was always our top priority. We wanted to surround our kids with only the best natural materials. Unfortunately, that proved to be a quite challenge. Most toys we came into contact with were either plastic or just plain dull. We wanted to give our children something that was healthy, interesting, and wonderful to touch. The relationships kids have with their first toys are of great importance, so we knew that this wasn’t going to cut it. So, right then and there, after wasting a ton of hours searching for the right toys - we decided to make our own toys, just the way we like them. Once we finally finished making our first batch and saw how much our kids were enjoying them, we decided to do more. We created a lot of different dolls and puppets and give them away to our friends who had their own kids. The reactions were wildly positive. Everyone loved our little toys, than we knew we were onto something special, and the brand Secret Tiny World was born.


In 2018, we decided to fully dedicate our time to creating loveable, warm, and snuggly toys for the youngest and sweetest of children. This was the best decision. Everyone at Secret Tiny World is now madly in love with their job.


We love doing what we do, and we are super proud of our brand. Every single one of our products is handmade with pure love, and we think that our customers have recognized that!


Thank you for supporting Secret Tiny World and making it possible to leave our dream!

All the best,

The peeps behind the snuggly toys!


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