Memory matching games Start playing memory games while your child is still young. Playing these types of games will help your kids develop excellent concentration and memory skills. Studies claim that increasing the child's memory capacity also improves its self-awareness, self-confidence, communication, and social skills. Improvements in concentration also aid future learning. Let your child develop excellent learning abilities while playing memory matching games by Secret Tiny World. Memory matching games come with a pair of 15 different printed designs on wooden tiles. They are usually about vehicles or animals. Each image is complemented with an appropriate word that describes it, which enables your child to learn English by connecting visuals with nouns. Rules: Place all tiles facing downwards so you can see only the logos of the Secret Tiny World. Players need to remember where each tile is after turning it over. The goal of the game is to find 2 tiles with the same images and pair them with each other.


Toy measures: 30 plates total, 5x5 cm plate size


Material used: Printed wood plate


Care instruction: Wipe with dry cloth

Memory game Vehicles


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